31 Days of Celebrating Real Life [10/31/15]

20151101-_MG_3308I couldn’t have planned a better photo to end this month than this one: my little Calvin and Hobbes! It was Caleb’s first trick-or-treating experience and he thought it was amazing (and possibly rivaled his birthday). Libby loved riding in the wagon and playing with glow sticks.

This was a difficult weekend.

Caleb’s birthday and Halloween mashed up with “firsts” without Keith and the anniversary of my dad’s passing away. It’s hard to find moments to celebrate when there is so much bittersweet. I’m thankful for these two bright faces and all the ways they celebrate every single day. They are teaching me that there are always reasons to celebrate.

IMG_0649[click image for more in this series]

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  1. Aunt Peg on November 2, 2015 at 5:41 am

    Happy/sad/bittersweet/blessed/joyful/remembering – so many feelings for so many reasons. Yes, indeed, you are so lucky/blessed to have these two wee ones to keep that one foot in front of the other Becky! GREAT, GREAT picture here too! love you! 🙂

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