31 Days of Celebrating Real Life [10/4/15]


Caleb had a rough night last night. He wouldn’t stay in bed and ended up falling asleep almost two hours after bed time. Today he refused to nap. I knew he was exhausted, but he was acting as if someone had snuck him caffeine. I let him watch a movie as a rest. I always have a hard time sticking him in front of the TV. After Keith died I struggled with the fact that I was letting him watch a lot of TV and feeding him a lot of chicken nuggets.

Some wise friends reminded me that it’s a unique season and it doesn’t have to be perfect or ideal or meet anyone’s expectations.

So I let Caleb watch a lot of TV today. But only after we snuggled in my bed and sang songs for a long time. I try to make time for just him and I and even though I’m well acquainted with the burn out that comes from parenting alone, seeing his face light up and feeling him cuddle in next to me is all I need to remember that it’s all going to be okay.

31 Days of Real Life

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