31 Days of Real Life: Day Two

The inside of our house has been decorated for fall for about a month. The summer didn’t end up being the relaxing, adventurous summer I had hoped for since I spent most of it with the exhaustion and icky of first trimester. I was ready for the change. Ironically, it’s been quite an Indian Summer here, so it was a warm, sunny day when I finally switched out the summer wreath for the fall one today. I found the wreath at Christmas Tree Shops last year and love it. I like that it’s not so much autumnal in design as it is in color.


Unlike most toddlers, Caleb LOVES his bed. He will make little nests out of blankets and get all cozy. He chats with and sings to bear or reads himself some books. He loves to climb, but is way too relaxed to even try climbing out of bed. We are so thankful since it is the only place that will contain him! I love the first moments of the morning or after naps when I sneak into his room and he just stares or has a sly little grin waiting for me. The first word out of his mouth is usually “trains”.



31 days of real life

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