I’m taking a huge leap of faith tomorrow. My little family and I are going on a big journey. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. I’ll write a post some time this week to explain what we’re doing, but for right now I just need to express my jitters.

The idea of traveling for 48+ hours with a teething 5 month old is terrifying. Three plane flights with a kid who loves airports, but hates being confined in a plane (including an overnight flight) is not my idea of a fun day.

Pray for my sanity. Pray that Keith and I don’t punch each other in the face (this was a huge temptation for me in the midst of a “what or what not to bring” argument today). Pray that our flights go smoothly and our luggage arrives safely as well. Pray that Caleb does not feel the need to entertain our fellow passengers with his screeching.

I’ll be keeping everybody updated via the blog a few times a week and we’ll have access to email, so please don’t be afraid to contact us 🙂

And, just in case you’re worried, friends are house sitting, so the apartment won’t be empty!

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  1. Marlene Giannattasio on April 16, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    I did not know you were actually going ..take good care of yourself and my baby..Love you

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