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31 Days of Real Life: Day Two

The inside of our house has been decorated for fall for about a month. The summer didn’t end up being the relaxing, adventurous summer I had hoped for since I spent most of it with the exhaustion and icky of first trimester. I was ready for the change. Ironically, it’s been quite an Indian Summer…

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31 Days of Real Life: Day One

Last year I attempted to write for 31 Days about Grace last year. If I were to guess, I’d say I ended up writing 6 posts, so I counted and I actually wrote 22! I’m pleasantly surprised. I wanted to participate with The Nester again this year, but in a low pressure kind of way.…

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Finding Inner Strength and Staying Strong

Photo credit: Kay Gaensler via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA At about 10am this morning, it was drizzling rain in that cozy, sleepy sort of way. I was stretched out on one couch, exhausted from another McBaby growth spurt, and my dad was stretched out on the other couch. Life has been exhausting lately. Dad’s…

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