Dear Dad

Dear Dad: We’re Okay

Dear Dad: It’s been a whole five weeks since we lost you. There have been days of wonderful reminiscing and harder days when we’re weepy. But for the most part, we’re okay. We’ve spent a lot of time up at the lake. Our time is spent watching movies, snuggling Caleb, reading books, taking walks, and…

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Dear Dad: Building Your Well

Dear Dad: It’s been one week since you went home to be with Jesus. I’m so very glad you are finally experiencing health and Mom thinks you might even have a full head of hair again! Mom has been working so hard to make the wake and memorial so very honoring of you. It is…

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Dear Dad: I’m Learning To Be Quiet

Dear Dad: I’ve been thinking this past week of all the things you’ve taught me. You taught me to change a tire, the oil filter, and the battery in my car. I grew up learning how to paint trim, cook yummy food, and cut the lawn appropriately for the occasion. You encouraged my curiosity of…

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