you've always said you wanted to live more bravely

But what does that even mean? Is it something you weren't born with or missed in school?

"Becky," you say, "I'll never be as brave as you. I don't even know where to begin."

Dear friend, I promise that anyone - even you - can learn to be brave.
We train our bodies, why not train our hearts and minds?


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When you sign up for coaching, you'll receive:

  • Access to a  private coaching group on Facebook
  • Weekly chats with Becky (with replays to watch if you miss it live)
  • Monthly discussion topics divided into weekly prompts

"but becky, what does that mean?!"

It means that we are going to spend time exploring your personality and your strengths and weaknesses. I'll help you to set priorities for each aspect of your life. We'll figure out what rest should look like for you.

It means figuring out what makes your heart sing and making more room for those things.

And it means putting some things down for awhile, because we can't carry everything all the time.

It means permission to live your best life (once we figure out what that is!).

It means being proactive and intentional about discovering what's most important to you
so that when life gets hard, you're not left wondering.

think of it like a bravery bootcamp.

"i'm interested, but i need more details."

Say no more, I'm a details kind of girl, too!

COST: $10/month through Patreon.

TIME: you'll get into it what you put out of it, but realistically, no more than 1 hour per week.

LOCATION: completely virtual. Sign up from anywhere and participate from anywhere.

And when we're done, it'll be like a soul makeover.

CONFIDENCE: you'll simplify decision making and find yourself second guessing a lot less often

INTEGRITY: you'll know what it actually means to be "you" and learn to celebrate the incredible person that you are

PERSEVERANCE: you'll learn to reframe failure and embrace chances to start fresh

COMMUNITY: you'll meet new people and make a few new friends

RESILIENCE: you'll be prepared to stick it out when life gets tough

Prepare for the trial that you're not yet in.


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