Dear Dad: Building Your Well

Dear Dad:

It’s been one week since you went home to be with Jesus. I’m so very glad you are finally experiencing health and Mom thinks you might even have a full head of hair again!

Mom has been working so hard to make the wake and memorial so very honoring of you. It is so special to be a part of this process. So many people admire and love you and Mom is doing an incredible job of giving them the avenues to grieve and leading us all in the process of healing.

Her best idea yet was to ask for donations to build clean water wells in Haiti in your honor. It’s so important to her that you be remembered by something you were so passionate about; she’s even sharing your journal entries about how interested you were in investing your engineering skills in those who need it most.

We may even raise enough money for more than one well. One day Mom, Molly, Keith, Caleb, and I will go visit your well and share your legacy with those who benefit from it in a very practical way. You were always passionate about meeting people’s needs.

This project is so important to Mom that she included it in your memorial announcement:

A private memorial service will be held for immediate family on Monday, November 19, 2012. We welcome all to come to the Groton Bible Chapel on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 11:00 AM to celebrate the abundant life of Mike Giannattasio. As an engineer, Mike frequently spoke of his desire to someday use his skill and knowledge to provide clean water for those who need it; as a believer in Jesus Christ, he desired that others would find the “living water” available through faith in Christ. In that spirit and in lieu of flowers, we encourage you to make a donation to the Groton Bible Chapel’s “Groton Bible Chapel – Wells for Haiti” fund, 66 Toll Gate Road, Groton, CT 06340.

It is our prayer that people would honor you by helping financially to build these wells.

Thank you for always remembering what is most important.

Loving you always.

This is what your well will look like; I am so excited to bless these people in your honor.

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  1. shontell on November 8, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    This is so great. I love what you are doing to honor your dad. What a legacy. Visiting from Fontenot.

  2. mary ann Murphy on November 13, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Lisa, i will be honor to donate for your brothe Michael.

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