Dear Dad: Pop Pop’s Boat

Dear Dad:

Caleb got to go for his first boat ride this weekend. Growing up, riding on Grampa’s boat was an inevitable part of summer. We have read, slept, fished, and watched 4th of July fireworks together on that boat, so I have been looking forward to the day when I could share it with Caleb. Somewhere along the way, all the cousins started calling Grampa “Pop Pop”, so the name has become part of the legend of the great-grandpa Caleb will never meet. Caleb was beside himself with excitement to see Pop Pop’s boat, never mind ride in it!

It was another one of those bittersweet moments where you should have been there, but I am so thankful for all the aunts and uncles that are helping him to experience you in different ways.

“Boat! Boat! Boat! Boat!”

I thought his eyes might bug out of his head: not only were we riding in a boat, but there were boats all around us!

FB _MG_9723

This is one of my favorites. I have no idea why he made the stink face, but I think it’s adorable.

Can we take a minute to acknowledge how beautiful my cousin is?

FB _MG_9725

And Keith was there, too.

We went slowly through the lagoon and fast in the bay. Caleb hated the sun in his eyes, but loved soaking it all in.

FB _MG_9749

I love this sweet face.

We lost Caleb’s beach hat at some point this summer and this was literally the only summer hat left at Target. At least it’s applicable.

FB IMG_9770

Bummed that Caleb’s first boat ride couldn’t be with you and Pop Pop, but I’d say it was a success. So thankful for all the new memories to make together.

P.S. Caleb was not pleased to leave the boat.

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  1. Kim Stirtan on September 2, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Oh I love all the pictures especially the ending pictures of Caleb…he is so true to his feelings!!

  2. Lisa on September 2, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    Love it, Rebecca!!!

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