Dear New Mom: Be Honest

About a month ago, someone sent me this article. This post has sat in my draft pile ever since. Then Rachel at Finding Joy posted this on Facebook and I felt compelled to finish writing.

Real motherhood is messy and wonderful and frustrating and rewarding. There are days you’ll consider a major success, others a massive failure, and some that are a little bit of both. Far too often, we only share the happy days; we paint a picture of our lives and, conveniently, leave out the icky parts. After all, no one worth anything has ever failed, right?!

I hope you noticed the sarcasm in that last sentence.

There is no perfect mom. You are uniquely equipped to parent your kids. I remember reading some where (probably something by Emily Freeman) that there is strength and courage in sharing weaknesses and fears. So true. When I can tell another mom what’s driving me off the deep end and she gives me advice on how she’s survived that particular frustration, I am a better mom because of it. Us moms have to band together.

Can I be honest? I’m going to be whether you like it or not, haha. When I see a mom posting only the wonderful and glorious moments of life, I wonder to myself, “What is she not saying?” No one has a “perfect” life, so why pretend? Why do we feel the need  to prove ourselves? Why are we so scared of the mess?

Stop worrying about whether you’re being the right kind of mom and go hug your babies. Play with them and let them know you love them. Motherhood is about pouring into those special little people, not about impressing everyone else. Comparing your life to others will only make you miserable. Instead of trying to measure up, we need to band together and encourage each other through this journey.

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  1. Jessica on March 20, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    Totally hear you on this one. I do have to say, someone who posts the fun and happy moments of life is not necessarily pretending (as in hiding anything)…maybe just celebrating and remembering the best of moments. Personally, I do want to be better at recording the bad days and sad thoughts more often. I think I would really appreciate looking back on those. But I never think to do it because writing about them isn’t where I find my relief and release. I think ice cream is. 🙂

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