Dear New Mom: On The Rough Days

Today’s a rough day. Sleeplessness has caught up with me, Caleb’s not feeling well, and the hot Vegas summer is setting in. Caleb has needed a 4am feeding since Bolivia to catch up with his hunger/lost weight (he lost 3lbs while we were there), so I have had one good night’s sleep since the beginning of April (approximately two months ago).

I know some of you feel me on that one.

Just when you feel like a zombie, the baby wakes you up in the middle of the night, moaning with a fever.

My mom and sister were here for the last week; we hiked at Zion and buried Dad’s ashes. The emotional overload has left me foggy in the head and without many words to share.

photo 4

Enjoying Bobby McFarrin & Jimmy Fallon, recovering from a long day.

Even so, life goes on…

On these rough days, new mom, we’ve just got to keep truckin’. Take a nap, drink caffeine, snuggle your sick baby, and don’t give in to the temptation to eat to stay awake. Find a friend to unwind with. I’m so grateful to my friend Sarah who fed me PB&J and encouraged me to keep going.

If you’re feeling like me today, I hope you get some rest and that baby gives you some smiles and giggles to keep you going.

photo 5

Sleeping off his fever and snuggling his bear.

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