Dear New Mom: ???

Losing my mind. Had a great idea for a post, but it’s gone now. Actually, I had it completely written out it my head and it’s turned to brain dust. I was a bit flighty before pregnancy, but being a mom has elevated confusion and forgetfulness to a whole new level.

I know you can relate.

IMG_5519 wm

I’m sure hormones are related somehow, but I’m convinced that the majority of my diminished brain function is due to the enormous increase in brain multi-tasking. Managing a household, a crazy little monkey, an impending move, a busy family, and managing to stay sane leaves me with less neurons than should be humanly possible. And we only have one kid.

IMG_5527 wm

While we are on the subject, how could one tiny little human being demand so much energy from a much bigger human? Gosh, these little ones suck us dry!

So, new mom, be encouraged that the rest of us feel your pain. We all wish we had the earliest bed time and wonder if it will ever be possible to keep the house clean.

Maybe one day.

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