you missed the retreat. bummer.

no worries. you can catch up on all the awesomeness with the digital recording!

We both know you’ve got piles of self-help books you’ve bought but never finished.

And conferences you’ve wanted to attend, but never bought tickets for.

(We won’t even talk about those exercise apps sitting on your phone)


Wait, what’s a virtual retreat?!

On retreat day, you log in to the website with your super secret password.

If you get there before 10am, you can chat with other early birds in the chat room. No one will see your face, it’s just typing (taking us all back to the days of instant messenger 😉).

At 10am, the video feed will start and we will watch alternating 30-minute messages to encourage and challenge us to live better and 5-minute stories of women just like us living bravely.

There will also be a 30-minute potty break. Because, real life…

Still have questions? Check this out:


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