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This pretty is now sitting in my living room. You have no idea how giddy this makes me. I have not had a piano to play consistently in almost 10 years. My fingers are excited to get back in action!

When my in-laws’ neighbors decided to move a few months ago, they wanted this sweet piano to go to a good home. They gave it to us for free. It needs a tuning from all the moving, but it’s in excellent condition. What an extravagant gift; we didn’t do anything to earn or deserve such a beautiful instrument, yet here it is.

It makes me think of grace notes. They’re the little extra notes that aren’t a necessary part of a musical score, but add something interesting and unique to the piece. I’m looking forward to having more musical grace notes in my life.

There are also grace notes in life. There’s the random $15 coupon I got from a cashier the other day, the amazing ice cream shop we found yesterday, the days when Caleb takes a two hour nap, and random phone calls from good friends. It’s those little gifts that make life a little sweeter.

This is a post in the 31 Days of Grace series.

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