I’ll Admit It: We Got Lost

Potosi is an incredibly difficult city to navigate. There are no street signs and it is NOT set up like a grid (thanks for spoiling me, New York!). Unless you know the city, you don’t know the city. There’s no knowing it a little bit. I got so overwhelmed the other night that we asked one of our Bolivian friends to explain exactly which buses go where (there are no bus maps).



We got it in our heads yesterday that we were going to walk from the clinic to the Mercado Central. Keith had done it once, so we set off confidently. And then all of a sudden we had no clue. People here are incredibly kind and friendly, but not very precise in giving directions, so it took a few tries to have a clue of where we were. Our first pit stop was La Plaza de Estudiante where we found this beautiful colonial church. Each of the plazas have fuzeball tables everywhere, so it is fun to watch people play 🙂




One of the streets we got stuck on had these appalling creatures: dried baby llamas. So weird. But so interesting that I couldn’t help but share.






We finally found the Mercado Central and sat and watched people for awhile (Caleb’s second favorite activity after riding the bus). I thought the pedestrian crosswalk sign was pretty funny: you can get a shoe shine and then dance your way across the street! The church is the main cathedral in the city (there are many smaller Catholic churches as well) and it is being restored. I got a quick peek through an open door; it looks gorgeous. I definitely swoon over cathedrals!


We set off once more to find the money changing stall and got lost (again). Luckily, we found ice cream. It’s not Ben & Jerry’s, but it’ll hold us over til we get home!


Keith and Caleb (he was wide awake, just being a little weird).


I got pina (pineapple), chocolate (chocolate, haha), and coco (coconut). Yum!


We finally found the money changing stall and it was right next to this beautiful church. A bread vendor was putting his cart in the little church courtyard, so I got to sneak through the gate to get an unobstructed photo!

We are staying in the city this weekend, so hopefully we will have some more successful adventures 🙂

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  1. Aunt Karen on April 16, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    Those churches are just GORGEOUS. You (all) look well and happy; I pray that is the case. We think (and talk) about you daily and are wishing you the very best experience. Stay safe; love ya…. ak

  2. Mary Hawthorne on April 17, 2013 at 7:34 am

    I love those pictures, Becky, of everything I see so often and hardly notice anymore. Keep them coming!!!!!

  3. Mary @ A Productive Endeavor on April 17, 2013 at 7:46 am

    What does one do with dried baby llamas? !!!
    Also I just noticed that new 4 bags subtitle… clever you!

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