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I did not have the greatest experience as a girl scout. My troop wasn’t super exciting. Basically, all we did were crafts and went to a Jamboree once. The only thing I remember vividly is the little song we sang:

“Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.”

Now that we’ve been in Maryland for a few months, it’s time to start making friends. Dancing has helped a lot. The ladies at ballet are so wonderful to me; they laugh with (and at) me and encourage me to continue to strive for my goals.

We had dinner and frozen yogurt tonight with some new friends from our Community Group tonight and it was so wonderful. It’s nice to find other people in our life stage; they are expecting a little girl in December! We laughed together. There is something so special about sharing laughter.


This afternoon I received a notebook from an old friend. We send it back and forth to keep each other in the loop of our lives and what our kiddos are up to. I teared up, thinking about how much I miss that dear, “old” friend. But she’ll always be there for me; no amount of distance will change that.

It takes a lot of grace to make new friends. I hate small talk. I don’t like being in new and unpredictable situations. I like the friends I have. And yet, if I don’t show grace, I can’t be vulnerable and I won’t meet those new and awesome friends that are out there. I’m taking my cue from Caleb and being daring, smiling big, and making new friends.


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