My Friend Luna

There are three dogs that live in our courtyard (I’m not exactly sure which family owns them). One of them, named Luna, likes to follow me everywhere. If I leave the bedroom to go to the kitchen, she’ll follow me there and wait until I come out again. Yesterday, Caleb and I spent some time with the dogs and he loved it!


A dog!


Another dog!


Mom, put the camera away.


My pal Luna.


Seriously, mom, put the camera down! And I couldn’t help but share these two photos of the boy.


Napping in the big bed holding his toy.


Diapers come in a plastic sleeve that make some pretty awesome crinkling sounds. This morning he was entertained by one for almost 30 minutes. It’s the simple things.

In other news, I had to skip my Spanish class this morning because we lost a lot of sleep last night due to Caleb screaming. Not quite sure what caused that, but there are going to be some pretty serious naps today! At least now I can say that I have successfully had a phone conversation in Spanish 🙂

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