Ep. 43 – Elli Johnson; Depression, Anxiety, & Strong People


When Elli was diagnosed with postpartum depression, she realized she’d been struggling with anxiety and depression most of her adult life. “I just thought I was a really weak person because I wasn’t able to cope.” She was anxiety, paranoid, barely managing parenting, and having panic attacks. It wasn’t until she started creating space in her schedule, anti-depression medication, counseling, exercise, and mediation that she finally started finding relief. In the dark place, Elli says, “you feel like a failure and that things are never going to get better, but those are both lies.”

Elli’s Answers To The Fun Questions:

• What are you loving right now? Peaky Blinders, Parks & Rec, and Catastrophe on TV. Wearing dungarees (overalls) and striped shirts
• What’s your favorite food/meal/snack? Tapas and anything salty (olives and blue cheese) with red wine
• What are you doing to take care of yourself? Canceling plans and scheduling a spa hair cut
• What are you doing to be brave? Trying to monetize her writing and meeting a publisher

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NOTE: Sucker Punched is the podcast formerly known as Stories of Unfolding Grace

NOTE: Sucker Punched is the podcast formerly known as Stories of Unfolding Grace