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68 Jessica Kantrowitz

You’re coming out of a seasonal depressive episode, getting back to what, you know, as normal life and a global pandemic hits.
You’re trying to figure out how can we live in a community when we’re all so isolated.
This is Sucker Punched.

Jessica Kantrowitz is a writer, editor, and workshop leader living in Boston, Massachusetts. She is the author of The Long Night: Readings and Stories to Help You Through DepressionBlessings for the Long Night: Meditations and Poems to Help You through Depression, and 365 Days of Peace: Benedictions to End Your Day in Gentleness and Hope. She writes about theology, culture, social justice, and chronic illness, including her own struggles with depression and migraines. Her writing has been featured in places like Sojourners, Think Christian, The Good Men Project, Our Bible App, the Madeleine L’Engle blog, and Together Rising. She is also the creator and leader of the Finding Your Voice workshops for writers with depression or other mental illness.


Get to know Jessica:
Twitter: @JFKantrowitz
Instagram: @JessicaFaithKantrowitz
Website: JessicaKantrowitz.com
Workshops: Workshops.JessicaKantrowitz.com

Jessica’s books:
Blessings for the Long Night: Poems and Meditations to Help You through Depression
365 Days of Peace: Benedictions to End Your Day in Gentleness and Hope
The Long Night: Readings and Stories to Help You through Depression
The 365 Days of Peace Journal

Find Becky online:
Website: BeckyLMcCoy.com
Social Media: @BeckyLMcCoy

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