I Am Ready For Brave |

You're just learning or relearning to be brave and if you're honest, you've never really thought about being brave or courageous. But you're definitely ready.

You're ready to choose the "right" thing even when the "wrong" thing seems easier or more comfortable. You're ready to have friends you can trust and to be a trustworthy friend. You want to be known as someone who can do hard things and who doesn't let a challenge get in the way of moving forward. You're ready to be less afraid of failure and loss and many other things.

You're ready to be confidently courageous!

You've inspired me, did you know that? I want to be part of this journey you're on and I want to encourage you each step along the way. So...I created Choose Brave: 5 Day Video Guide to Practicing Courage to walk you through it. You'll get me, directly to your inbox, giving you some tips and encouragement as well as practical tips for living more bravely.

Choose Brave: A 5 Day Video Guide to Practicing Courage |

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