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Wow, the last three days are a blur. Our flights to Miami, La Paz, & Santa Cruz went rather well except for the fact that Keith and I did not sleep on the overnight flight. Caleb slept all night (I promise a post on how we accomplished that!). When we finally arrived in Santa Cruz after a long day attempting to nap in the airport, we were so happy to be greeted by Johnny and Olga Anderson and their three wonderful kids.

We had some time to rest, ate dinner with our new friends, and then went straight to the guest house where we spent the night. It was a victorious night since Caleb slept 5pm-7:30am (we had to wake him up!), I got 11 hours, and Keith clocked in at 10!!!!! We had breakfast with the Andersons and headed to get an express taxi to Potosi.

I really wish Dad (the Civil Engineer) could be here to see the (non-existent) infrastructure. I can only imagine how upset he would be 🙂

After some convincing, a taxi driver agreed to drive us to Potosi (about 2.5 hours, or 150km away) without waiting to fill the rest of the van. It was so nice to have the taxi to ourselves so we could stretch out a bit and the taxi driver was so kind to stop so we could take photos of the old Spanish bridge at Puente Mendes.

We finally arrived in Potosi and were so excited to see Mary Hawthorne who served us an amazing lunch that included salmon from Lake Titicaca!! We took some time to rest and then Keith headed over to the clinic to work with Dr. Francisco while Steve and Mary brought Caleb and I to our new little home. Will post photos of that later this week.

Mary showed me around and I completed my first shopping trip at the little shop down the street! My Spanish is coming back much quicker than I had anticipated, so that is a huge confidence boost.

Here are a few photos from the last few days before I go have some dinner:

Playing in the airport before we left Las Vegas

Playing in the airport before we left Las Vegas


Napping in a basket on the top of the luggage cart.


Beautiful art in the Santa Cruz airport.


Cinnabon, Subway, and Starbucks (knock off) in the Santa Cruz airport. Keith was happy.


We didn’t actually use this airline, but I love when small countries have their own airline 🙂


TOMS make traveling just a bit nicer!


My boys!


Keith rubbed his back until he fell asleep!


From the guest house in Sucre: a woman selling drinks from her cart. I love watching the Bolivianos interacting.


Market from our window. The sell EVERYTHING! I even bought Huggies diapers from a street vendor 🙂


Taxi ride to Potosi


Old Spanish Puente Mendes bridge


Time for a quick picture!


Here we are!


Hanging out in his hat on a long taxi ride.


Beautiful contryside


Fell asleep in daddy’s lap; I thought his face was going to completely disappear into his shoulders!


Beautiful farms…


…and more farms…


…and more farms. This one is my favorite!


The landscape is completely different depending on the altitude. It reminds us of Northern California, Southern Utah, and Nevada.

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  1. Peggy on April 10, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    Oh Becky Keith Caleb…………SO glad you are safely at your temp-home for now….and that your son has made the trip just “fine”! THANX for the pictures…makes us all happy to know you are settled in right now….YAY! Keep the pics comin, okay? love and prayers to you all….g.a.peg & co.

  2. Jen McCoy on April 14, 2013 at 7:12 am

    Thanks for all the pictures, Becky! It looks so amazing!

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