Today was supposed to be Day One of #runlikekeith half marathon training. We got up and out the door despite toddler protests to meet friends. We got there and got kids buckled in strollers and as I pushed the stroller to everyone else, the front wheel popped off with a bent axle.  After an…

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Dear New Mom: It’s Really Hard

Dear New Mom: Today was day #2 of pool time. Caleb loves splashing, but HATES the back of his head touching water. I found him this fun little float thingie and didn’t have to hold him the whole time! And then he got splashed. The combination of being hungry and tired turned the tiny bits…

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There are so many things to be discouraged about lately. Too many to dwell on without getting overwhelmed and teary. Instead, I’m repeating these words like a mantra: Linking up with Rachel @ Finding Joy

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