emily freeman

Dear New Mom: Be Honest

About a month ago, someone sent me this article. This post has sat in my draft pile ever since. Then Rachel at Finding Joy posted this on Facebook and I felt compelled to finish writing. Real motherhood is messy and wonderful and frustrating and rewarding. There are days you’ll consider a major success, others a…

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The Impossible Day

I can’t shake the feeling that after my post “Sinking into Grace” some people might think I’ve got it altogether and because I feel peaceful means my life is full of peace as well. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, for example, I have wished several times that there really was such a…

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Dear New Mom: Balancing Expectations

Dear New Mom: Balancing expectations is extremely difficult no matter who you are or which season of life you are in. I’ve found it nearly impossible in motherhood. Take today, for example: I have had a nasty chest cold for a few days and have developed a fever. As in, the “to do” list got…

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