Rebuilding on Unchanging Grace

I participated in the Thrive Moms fall retreat on Saturday. Each of their retreats is an incredible time of reflection and growth and the best part is that it’s virtual, so I got to watch it at home, in my pjs. The theme of the retreat was “Unshakable”: each speaker focused on ways to fortify…

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The First Three Months (on grief and surviving)

Easter Sunday will mark three months without Keith. My head feels like it is spinning when I remember he is really gone. These last three months have flown by but also feel like it’s been years since I last sat with Keith in the hospital. I miss his friendship. Caleb does so many quirky, loveable,…

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I Let Anger Hold Me Captive

I haven’t given an anxiety or Zoloft update recently. I’m back on Zoloft and so thankful because I was really struggling to manage the emotions of pregnancy and changing lifestyles (leaving my job, becoming a mom, etc). Now that I’m back on Zoloft, life has gotten bumpy again; news has started to spread that my…

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