31 Days of Real Life [10/28/16]

It was a terrible day. The kind of day that wants to make you avoid days and people and responsibilities for a month or forever. I didn’t feel well. The grief was overwhelming. The kids were not compliant and whining is my nemesis. I let a few friends know that I was struggling and one…

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31 Days of Real Life [10/13/16]

I realized that I still have the key to our house from Maryland on my keychain. It could’ve been a subconscious attempt to hold on to that life, but, honestly, I just hadn’t bothered and kept forgetting. It’s those little things that make grief hard. I look at that key and I remember figuring out…

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Grace Will Lead Me Home

After my earlier post about Caleb getting used to the Big Red Dog, I was thinking a lot about grace and fear. There’s got to be some kind of deeper connection between the two. I realized how much I love the lyrics to Amazing Grace and spent some time this evening making a graphic to…

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