ice cream

31 Days of Real Life [10/16/16]

Because sometimes a Sunday is the perfect time for ice cream for dinner. Follow the series: Subscribe to get weekly summaries directly to your inbox.

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31 Days of Real Life [10/11/16]

Because sometimes you just need ice cream with hot fudge. I started Weight Watchers this summer and did well for a couple months, but then frequent traveling in August and September got me out of the groove. Since October is such a hard month, I decided to take the month off. It hasn’t been easy….

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I’ll Admit It: We Got Lost

Potosi is an incredibly difficult city to navigate. There are no street signs and it is NOT set up like a grid (thanks for spoiling me, New York!). Unless you know the city, you don’t know the city. There’s no knowing it a little bit. I got so overwhelmed the other night that we asked…

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