5 Simple Strategies for Being More Brave

I’ve been using Facebook Live several times a week to connect with people and share how we are being brave (find me at Becky L McCoy on Facebook to join in!) It’s quickly become something I look forward to because it’s an easy way to encourage each other to keep doing brave things. But what…

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Anyone Can Be Courageous

I used to think that having courage meant doing brazen, bold, and scary things that saved lives and changed the world. Over the last year I have learned that courage is really just making the right choice when given the opportunity. Today I had the privilege to share my thoughts on courage at a middle…

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What It Means To #RunLikeKeith

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to #RunLikeKeith. Part of it is to feel the freedom in your mind and body as you move through space and push yourself to go faster and farther than last time. But since I will never be #FastLikeKeith, I’ve been working through what the hashtag means…

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