When You Feel Stuck on the Outside of Your Life

A reality of grief and depression is that you often feel stuck outside of your life. Last week, I had a few days where I felt like I was watching my life and not living it. I took deep breaths, trying to ground myself, feeling like I was floating away with nothing to pull me…

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I’m so honored to be part of The On Coming Alive Project. It’s a collection of over 70 voices who have stories of choosing to live after loss. There are stories of lost spouses, siblings, children, and parents. This is a beautiful, heart wrenching collection of honest thoughts on loss, grief, and choosing to live…

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I Choose Living: Simple Thankfulness When Life Is Hard

This year has been a challenging year. We have experienced so much loss and so much joy. It’s hard to tell if the good has outweighed the bad, but I know that some days, the weight of the bad has felt insurmountable. I’m raising two small kids without my husband. I’m learning what it means…

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