Sharing My Grief (& Memorial Service Info)

It has been almost exactly two weeks to the hour of when Keith went to heaven. It feels like years and mere minutes all at the same time. I wanted to let you know that I am still an open book. I feel like it is important to share my story and how I am…

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Why Grief is Hard

The hardest parts of grief usually aren’t the parts you think. It’s the unexpected moments that catch you off guard and leave you speechless. Keith’s birthday was on Sunday. I dreaded that it came within the first week of Keith’s leaving us. I was also thankful that we could “get it over with”. It took…

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Dear Keith: 33

Dear Keith, It’s a blessing and a curse that the first of your birthdays that we celebrate without you has come so quickly. You haven’t been in heaven a week and we are already faced with a milestone day. As I’ve learned in grieving the loss of my dad, the anticipation of the day is…

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