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31 Days of Celebrating Real Life [10/22/15]

We took a long walk before dinner tonight and ended up at the beach. I hadn’t taken Caleb to our neighborhood beach yet and he was enamored. He just stood there, hands in pockets, marveling at the thought of “our own beach, mama!” In these sacred motherhood moments, I forget that he’s not even three…

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A Really Good Day

It’s not often in the throes of grief or newborn land that you get a really good day. Especially not after a week of stomach bugs and never ending snow. Today was a good day. I got myself and the kiddos dressed at in the car with enough time to only be 5-10 minutes late…

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Dear Dad: Early Mornings

Dear Dad: We got to spend a night at the lake this week. When I woke up in the morning, there was fog on the lake and the trees were brilliantly colored. I could almost see you out in a kayak, enjoying the silence and peace of the early mornings. Getting up early with Caleb…

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