On Brokenness and Rewriting the New Year | Heather Bender

#MyBrave2017 is a series of guest posts from women who are determined to live bravely in the little things and the big things. Join my email list so you can read them all.   Becky asked me well before the holidays if I’d like to do a guest post about how I intend to move bravely…

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Practical Tips for Living With Anxiety: Counseling

It’s been awhile since I shared a practical tip for living with anxiety. While this post falls under the umbrella of anxiety posts, I strongly recommend anyone who has ever survived adolescence spend some time with a counselor (aka all of us). Here are some reasons why counseling is so important and how to find…

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What It Means To #RunLikeKeith

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to #RunLikeKeith. Part of it is to feel the freedom in your mind and body as you move through space and push yourself to go faster and farther than last time. But since I will never be #FastLikeKeith, I’ve been working through what the hashtag means…

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