potosi bolivia

A Day of Rest

We’ve been away from home about two weeks now. Things here are definitely different from home (working on a post with the details of that), but we haven’t really experienced culture shock. What we have experienced is culture stress: the stress that comes from extra effort speaking a different language, learning a new city, embracing…

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Sorry for the delay. And “sorrier” for the mess, but when I got a chance to take pictures without any of the other people who live around our courtyard at home yesterday, I figured, “now or never!” Warning: those of you who live in first world countries may be shocked, but this is a totally…

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I’ll Admit It: We Got Lost

Potosi is an incredibly difficult city to navigate. There are no street signs and it is NOT set up like a grid (thanks for spoiling me, New York!). Unless you know the city, you don’t know the city. There’s no knowing it a little bit. I got so overwhelmed the other night that we asked…

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