Simple Tips for Self Care: Ask For Help

I’ve always had a rather high tolerance for stress. People often use the term ‘high achieving’ for those of us who can somehow juggle a lot of life at once. I often get comments from people who admire my ‘strength’ or ability to ‘do it all’. Well, sorry to disappoint, but I am not super…

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Reflections From An Air Force Widow

This post is not meant to upstage anyone who is struggling this Memorial Day due to the loss of a loved one or with PTSD of lost airmen, soldiers, and sailors. This can be a difficult holiday for so many reasons. Memorial Day has crept up and taken me by surprise. I do not presume…

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Door #6 and Why I’m Sick of Doubting Myself

Someone posted this photo of 10 doors on social media yesterday. I was curious, so I picked door #6 and could not believe how accurately it described how I feel about myself right now. Yikes. “…the inside of your home or car is a total mess!” Um…how about the inside of my head?! Lately, I’ve…

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