self confidence

I Am A Writer

Photo via VisualHunt I am a writer. There. I said it. Until recently, I thought of a writer as someone who studied Literature in college, someone who gets paid to write, and someone who has had dreams of writing a book since they were a young child. I am none of those things: I just like…

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Simple Tips for Self Care: Listen to Podcasts

  Photo via When I shared my Big Brave Dreams for 2016 last week, I knew I would need to share what I’m learning about caring for myself. This is the first of many self care related posts to come because I don’t want to be selfish with what I’m learning and so that…

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Door #6 and Why I’m Sick of Doubting Myself

Someone posted this photo of 10 doors on social media yesterday. I was curious, so I picked door #6 and could not believe how accurately it described how I feel about myself right now. Yikes. “…the inside of your home or car is a total mess!” Um…how about the inside of my head?! Lately, I’ve…

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