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15 Questions To Ask When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

15 Questions To Ask When You're Feeling Overwhelmed |

I ran to my room, flopped down on the bed and screamed into my pillow. I don’t even remember what triggered it, but in that moment, I knew I was overwhelmed to my breaking point and almost past the point of no return. I needed a major intervention or I was going to fall face…

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What You Need to Know About Burnout From a Single Parent

When I was in graduate school, I remember constantly hearing the burnout statistics for teachers. I don’t remember what they were then, but they weren’t good. Most people entering the profession weren’t staying longer than three years. I was determined to do better. And then I found myself resigning after two years; teaching for a…

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For When Grief Hits You From Out of Nowhere

It’s been almost four years since my husband died. I’m mostly doing great. I still get sad sometimes. Other times I’m disappointed or angry that this is my real life. But, on the whole, life is good. We’ve found new routines and ways of doing things. We feel settled. I skirt the edge of grieving,…

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The Worst Part of Being a Single Mom is the Exhaustion

Being a single mom never gets easier. I’ve got my ways of coping – preschool and playdates help this introverted mama recharge and stay on top of the to do list – but there isn’t much wiggle room for when the schedule gets turned upside down. Last week, there was a snow day. I knew…

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