tenth avenue north


  Today was supposed to be Day One of #runlikekeith half marathon training. We got up and out the door despite toddler protests to meet friends. We got there and got kids buckled in strollers and as I pushed the stroller to everyone else, the front wheel popped off with a bent axle.  After an…

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Dear Dad: It Takes a Village

Dear Dad: I have been so thankful for all of the friends and family that have surrounded us to encourage and support us in raising Caleb. The best parenting definitely includes a village of helping hands! Over the last six months, I have realized that a village of helpers is equally important in grief. Two…

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Not Fine

That’s what I’d tell you if you asked, “how are you?”. Life seems to be piling higher and deeper – McBaby comes in less than 2 months, Dad started chemo and is experiencing severe side effects, and the house is a mess because I can’t seem to pull it together. My thoughts are all over…

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