31 Days of Real Life 10/5/16

I always said my kids would never have TVs in the car and our house would be kid-tablet free. But since I’ve been a single parent, I’ve discovered the beauty of letting entertainment distract the kids for awhile. I got Caleb a kid’s Amazon Fire tablet to use on Wednesday nights when our community group…

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5 Years Ago (a story of cancer, remission, and learning to trust)

5 years ago on July 25th, 2007 Keith and I sat like two old people on Ender’s Island in Mystic and those infamous words came out of his mouth: So, are we getting married, or what?! I said yes and we both hobbled back to the car (I was awaiting surgery on my left ankle,…

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Choosing Joy

Joy has been on my mind a lot lately. Those of you who know Keith and I personally know that we haven’t had the easiest go of it. Med school, residency, cancer, grad school, moving across country, ER visits, losing a home, losing a car, more sickness, etc. There always seems to be another challenge…

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