trusting God

Momma’s Sorry

Today has been a rough day for the little monkey and his momma. We woke up and had a pretty routine morning: feeding, snuggles, baby massage, reading a book (he’s a huge Eric Carle fan), and nap time. When he fell asleep, I headed downstairs to eat breakfast, work on some projects, and wrap some…

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Finding Inner Strength and Staying Strong

Photo credit: Kay Gaensler via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA At about 10am this morning, it was drizzling rain in that cozy, sleepy sort of way. I was stretched out on one couch, exhausted from another McBaby growth spurt, and my dad was stretched out on the other couch. Life has been exhausting lately. Dad’s…

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I’m a Fallen Heroine

I always thought of myself as a strong person – someone who could handle anything without crumbling. When I read Patsy Clairmont’s quote this morning I had to laugh at how much life has changed. I realized how tart I become when inconvenienced. It doesn’t take much of a breeze to topple me. I want…

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