This Is When The Leaving Begins

In three weeks, we’ll be gone.

It’s a sad/scary thing to say goodbye to the people who have been our family for the last few years. The worst part is not knowing when you’ll see your best friends again. Some of them are Air Force and will leave the area eventually and others aren’t planning on leaving Vegas any time soon.

I know we’ll have new friends at our new home, but I don’t want new friends. I want to keep the friends I have now. I want the friends who have been by my side through Caleb’s birth and dad’s death to be with my on Caleb’s first birthday and the first anniversary of losing dad. It breaks my heart to leave behind friends that I have come to love as family.

Honestly, I never thought I would have such a hard time leaving, but as each of the “lasts” happen, I find myself a hot mess. I cried through the service at church on Sunday. Our church family has been irreplaceable. If you’ve never experienced that, you’re missing out.

The blog will probably be relatively quiet over the next few weeks as I soak in each of my “lasts” in Las Vegas, but I promise to leave you all with all of my Las Vegas favorites. I’m working on posts recommending my favorite restaurants, activities, tourist destinations, and local vendors (dentists, salons, photographers, etc.).

Thank you all for being such encouragers and supporters for us during our Air Force adventure. Please pray that we would make the most of our transition.

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