Un Paseo al Rio


We had lovely walk down to the river today. The closer we got to the water, the more lush things became. It was gorgeous. We took Cloe, Steve and Mary’s dog, with us and she had just as much fun as we did!




We started out on the road that led down to the river, walked down to the riverbank, and walked up river for awhile. Cloe and I had fun crossing over the river and getting our feet wet 🙂 We then climbed back up, hicked through some fields, and found ourselves back at the house.




While Yawisla is not nearly as high as Potosi (10,000ft v. 13,000ft), I still have to take it very slowly. The altitude meds help a ton, but I have to keep reminding myself not to go too fast.



Isn’t Chloe the best little exploring companion?



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  1. Peggy on April 14, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Wow, becky, these pictures are really wonderful….we can all breathe a little easier knowing that you are settling in as you all are……but, the pictures you take! Wowza…how beautiful…hard to to believe you are a gazillion miles away….Does Caleb have a SPANISH nickname now?? Gotta get one if he doesn’t! Glad you are journaling your experience – you’ll be home before you know it & it’ll seem like it was all just a blink of an eye……glad you are doing okay out there! love to all…g.a.peg

  2. Laurie on April 15, 2013 at 9:17 am

    OK beautiful pictures ….. the stars blew me away WOW!

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