Are you ready to choose yours? Find out how brave you are.

“If Wipe Out and Tough Mudder had a baby, that would be my life…”

Hi! My name is Becky.

In case you haven’t noticed, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. 

I get it. My story sounds more like a Lifetime movie than real life. But I was there. I swear.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression.

My dad died 8 hours after my son was born.

I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter when my husband died.

I still can’t believe this is actually my story, but if I can persevere through some ridiculously hard stuff, you can, too.

What’s the #1 thing I’ve learned?

Life doesn’t happen to me.

I get to decide how I respond.

And so do you.

Discover how truly brave you are.
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