You keep saying you're going to take some time for yourself.

To read a book.

Make a new friend.

Take a nap.


But you keep getting distracted by the "shoulds":

There's always more laundry you should do.
More dishes.
More errands.

And you feel like you'll never catch up.

It's time for an afternoon off.

BRAVEtogether LIVE |

Gather with other brave women to

take a deep breath
eat a delicious meal
meet new friends
learn something new
leave with a fresh confidence and new friends

BRAVEtogether LIVE |

Join Becky L McCoy

and the BRAVEtogether community for

Afternoon Tea

Saturday, May 5th
Spicer Mansion
Mystic, CT

BRAVEtogether LIVE |

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BRAVEtogether LIVE

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