5 Simple Strategies for Being More Brave

I’ve been using Facebook Live several times a week to connect with people and share how we are being brave (find me at Becky L McCoy on Facebook to join in!) It’s quickly become something I look forward to because it’s an easy way to encourage each other to keep doing brave things. But what…

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If you’ve ever been on a missions trip longer than a week (or even traveled for a long period of time), you know that there’s that moment in time when the exciting “newness” of everything has worn off and you’re exhausted, but you’ve got too much time left to just try and hang tight. That’s…

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Finding Inner Strength and Staying Strong

Photo credit: Kay Gaensler via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA At about 10am this morning, it was drizzling rain in that cozy, sleepy sort of way. I was stretched out on one couch, exhausted from another McBaby growth spurt, and my dad was stretched out on the other couch. Life has been exhausting lately. Dad’s…

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