Ep. 34 – Caroline Harries; Infertility, Waiting, & Living Life


Caroline, writer of the In Due Time devotional and leader of the Moms in the Making infertility groups, has faced a tremendous number of challenges over the last decade. She was diagnosed with disembarkment syndrome, a vertigo-like neurological condition, lost her two-year-old nephew to a pediatric brain cancer, and has faced unexpected infertility. In all of the grief and lost expecatations, Caroline is remarkably positive. She says that infirtility is, “grieving the idea of what you thought your life would look like,” which is hard and messy and painful, but even in the middle of the pain, she chooses to believe that God is still good. Caroline sees grace in God’s presence and her experiencing peace, joy, and freedom even while life is hard. She chooses to be brave by being vulnerable, open, and honest with her story and her struggles. Caroline encourages others who are waiting or are discouraged to remember that God is good and that challenging times in life can help refine and develop our character.

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Caroline’s Answers To The Fun Questions:

  • What are you loving right now? 80 degree weather in Dallas!
  • What’s your favorite food/meal/snack? Almond butter and salads
  • What are you doing to take care of yourself? Eating healthy, exercise, and trying to get sleep
  • What are you doing to be brave? Moms in the Making Conference

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