What Kind of Brave Are You?

What Kind of Brave Are You? | BeckyLMcCoy.com

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I’ve really been enjoying my Tuesday and Friday night Facebook Live chats. We’ve been discussing what it means to be brave and practical tips for choosing courage. I love how people interact in the comments and share their thoughts on choosing brave. Join us @BeckyLMcCoy on Facebook.

While it can be overwhelming for this introvert to broadcast herself to the internet, it’s been a fun way get to know all my Facebook cheerleaders, even if it’s at the expense of my own vulnerability. As I’ve been thinking about these “brave” conversations, I realize that there are basically three types of brave people.


You’re not so sure that brave is for you. More often than not, you would rather stay in your comfort zone even if stepping out of it would get you what you really want. You see other people being brave and feel a twinge of jealousy. You’re not even sure you have the ability to be brave.

What Kind of Brave Are You? | BeckyLMcCoy.com

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You’re brave sometimes. There are some situations where you’re up for the challenge of choosing brave and other times you give in to your fears. You think a lot about being brave and want to be a brave person more consistently, but you’re not sure if you’re capable of choosing brave.

What Kind of Brave Are You? | BeckyLMcCoy.com

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You are consistently brave. You’ve decided that your goals and ideals are more important than your fears. Your friends call you brave even when you don’t feel like it. You probably don’t even think about making the brave choice any more.

What Kind of Brave Are You? | BeckyLMcCoy.com

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Where do you fall? Do you feel like a turtle, a squirrel, or a lionheart? Which one would you like to be?

Interested in learning how to be more brave? Here are 5 Simple Strategies for Being More Brave.

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