air force

Reflections From An Air Force Widow

This post is not meant to upstage anyone who is struggling this Memorial Day due to the loss of a loved one or with PTSD of lost airmen, soldiers, and sailors. This can be a difficult holiday for so many reasons. Memorial Day has crept up and taken me by surprise. I do not presume…

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The Great Exchange

Veterans Day has become a special day since we became a military family. We have been active duty for 3.5 years now and anticipate our first deployment this time next year. In honor of the holiday, there have been many videos and television specials about the military and deployment homecomings. Yesterday, we saw a video…

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This Is When The Leaving Begins

In three weeks, we’ll be gone. It’s a sad/scary thing to say goodbye to the people who have been our family for the last few years. The worst part is not knowing when you’ll see your best friends again. Some of them are Air Force and will leave the area eventually and others aren’t planning…

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