Why You Never Leave Your Grieving Friend Alone

Why You Never Leave Your Grieving Friend Alone | BeckyLMcCoy.com

“You’ve got so much going on. I didn’t want to burden you with my hard stuff.” “I didn’t want to make you more sad. I try and only share stuff that will cheer you up.” “I wasn’t sure if I should say anything. I hate to bother you.” I’ve heard dozens of versions of those…

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What To Do When You Feel Lost As An Adult

When I was little, my parents and I went to Sesame Place, the Sesame Street theme park. My parents sat on a bench and watched as I played on one of the splash pad play grounds. Every few minutes, I would glance over to make sure they were still there. And they were. Until they…

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Widowhood is Lonely (and a Plea For Single Parents)

I read this post today and wanted to jump up and down, shouting to the world that somebody put my feelings into words. The author, a single mom to a preschooler, expresses the paradox of single parenting: everyone knows it takes a village to parent, but not many people are willing to step out of…

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