31 Days of Real Life [10/22/16]

From the moment they met, when Libby was just a few days old, they’ve been inseparable buddies. When I walked in and saw him reading to her, I was overwhelmed. When Keith died and I was still pregnant, I was angry that I’d be bringing a baby into a broken family. What I didn’t realize…

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Book Review: Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs

I love books. I love to read books and I love to recommend books. You need to read Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs. I received an advanced copy of the book as part of Annie’s launch team (the book only just launched last week!), but as soon as I was done reading, I…

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Big Brave Dreams for 2016

After reading Annie F. Downs’ book Let’s All Be Brave, I’m deciding to dream some big, brave dreams for 2016. I’m sharing them with you so that you can hold me accountable and cheer me on!

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