The Worst Part of Being a Single Mom is the Exhaustion

Being a single mom never gets easier. I’ve got my ways of coping – preschool and playdates help this introverted mama recharge and stay on top of the to do list – but there isn’t much wiggle room for when the schedule gets turned upside down. Last week, there was a snow day. I knew…

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Simple Tips for Self Care: Know How You Recharge

Photo via If you caught my post about getting to know yourself, you know I’m a huge advocate of personality profiling tools like Meyers Briggs, Strengths Finder, Love Languages, Gretchen Rubin’s Tendencies, etc. (read the post here). Knowing what makes you unique, what your strengths/weaknesses are, and how you give and receive love can…

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An Introvert’s Guide to Sharing Your Story

I enjoy hearing or reading people’s stories. When we give a story the time and space to be told, we are affirming the significance of the story teller’s experience. Sharing our stories is an incredible way to encourage each other through the more challenging seasons of life. Blogging has been a therapeutic way for me…

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