jeremiah 29:11

Hope for 2016

A year ago today, my life changed. When you get married, you don’t expect the “to death do us part” vows to be relevant until you’re old. The last year has been a lot of heart ache and even more change. Our family lost Keith and gained Libby. The kids and I moved. I bought…

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The Weary World Rejoices: Hope When Christmas is Hard

“…the weary world rejoices…” I recently heard author Paul Tripp call Christmas “the sufferers holiday.” Joseph and Mary were without a home. Herod was about to order the execution of all boys under two years old. The Jewish people were under Roman occupation. The first Christmas did not happen during an easy or happy time….

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Dear Dad: I Miss You

NOTE: This post is kind of erratic. I wrote it a few days ago and have been feeling pretty anal about it not flowing as well as I’d like it to. Yet, this is how it came out of my head and I’m all about sharing my experience authentically. So, here’s the most disorganized post…

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